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Welcome to the new AZANA website. Your organization has been hard at work over the last year to improve our means of communicating and educating the public and government about Arizona’s CRNAs. You will find many informative features and links to happenings and readings to strengthen the development of nurse anesthesia in a time of tumultuous growth in healthcare in the state of Arizona. Active AZANA members are welcome to register and browse through the members section of the website to keep up to date with current events and happenings within the AZANA.

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Welcome new AZANA members Lee Allen, Carissa Currier, Beth Hartey, Annabell Velarde, Carlos Velazquez, Craig White.



  • President’s Message I’m sure many of you have heard about the planned changes to the Veterans Affairs (VA) nursing handbook. This planned change would make all APRNs (including CRNAs) effectively independent in the eyes of the VA and expected to work to full scope of practice to expand services without the red tape of supervision. Click to view ... Read More
  • AANA Membership See what your AANA membership can do for you (log in required): Read More

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Simply, when it comes to laws, policies, and regulations - no one is looking out for CRNAs except for CRNAs. So it's important that we come together and make sure our interests are being looked out for.

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